Rocket With No Name

Rocket With No Name

About :

Rocket With No Name is platform game where you rocket-jump through levels with a soldier. But what is a soldier without… hats. In this game you have plenty of items. You collect hats, other miscellaneous items and keys. Yes! There are even Mann Co. Supply Crates to unpack unusual hats. So yes, it’s more like hat simulator than platform game. Just like Team Fortress 2…

Release date : May 2013

Made with : C++, SDL, OpenGL and more (details in “readme” file)

Features :

  • rocket jumping,
  • 20 skillful levels,
  • loads of hats and miscellaneous items,
  • Mann Co. Supply Crates and Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys,
  • unusual hats,
  • Team Fortress 2 themed world,
  • no Internet access needed ;),
  • and more hats!

Get it here :

Rocket With No Name

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