2014 • Unity


Rocket With No Name

2013 • C++/SDL/OpenGL

Rocket With No Name


2012 • C++/SDLArmadillo

Other projects

Unity and terrain generation

2013 • Unity

My terrain generator made with Unity. I used Mathf.PerlinNoise, which comes with Unity, to generate terrain height. Everything is made up with meshes and building triangles is made in threads, so the game isn’t frozen during generation (but it’s slow and laggy anyway). The terrain isn’t made with blocks, it’s more like height map. More info can be found in my post here.

Rebolt – game mechanics idea

2013 • C++/Half-Life 2

Small idea for mod for Half-Life 2 (Multiplayer). You use crossbow to shoot down enemies by reflecting bolts. More times bolt reflects more damage it deals. Simple as that. I’m not going to develop this idea. I just wanted to make it work. It might be a bit chaotic in multiplayer game. More info can be found in my post here.

Minecraft style terrain generator

2011 • C++/OpenGL

Small terrain generator with blocks and chunks. It was inspired by Minecraft (of course). It was made when I was learning OpenGL and C++. Actually it is very slow and poor. The code I used for terrain generation can be found in description of video. This project has been cancelled for now. Maybe I’ll get back to terrain generation soon. More info about this project can be found here.

Other projects coming soon!