Rebolt – game mechanics idea

Last Saturday I decided to turn my old idea into Half-Life 2 modification. The idea was to change way of shooting. Instead of shooting directly into enemies you have to reflect bolts. Without reflection bolt doesn’t make damage. So, more times bolt reflects more damage it deals. It wasn’t a lot of work and codding – I finished it on the same day. Actually it was only editing few files and compiling everything. And here it is – Rebolt.

As it is only idea I’m not going to continue developing it. That’s all what I wanted to do with this idea. In fact there could be more things to do here :

  • reflecting only from specific surfaces,
  • colliding with player,
  • making new weapon instead of modifying weapon_crossbow code,
  • better graphics effects,
  • and probably much more!

But truly no one would play it longer than few minutes. In multiplayer everyone would be running around, shooting random directions willing to hit someone. And that’s it – only my small idea.


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